Exceptional Programs From a Skilled Life Coach

Our Coaching Program Outline

We assure you that you can enjoy peace, unconditional love, joy, and balance through our effective individual and group programs. To achieve this, you will go through three important phases.

Discovery Phase

This requires you to reflect on how you have lived your life so far. Things you must accomplish include:

  • Discovering who you are and what your personality type is
  • Identifying what is holding you back from truly being happy in your life and your relationships
  • Finding the limiting beliefs that are keeping you from being truly happy
  • Understanding your needs and sources of fulfillment

Breakthrough Phase

After the Discovery Phase, this part of the program entails uncovering helpful insights on how you can transform your life. Here, you must:

  • Discover how you talk to yourself and others through language patterns
  • Rebuild and regain trust in people
  • Develop personal and spiritual growth through forgiveness therapy
  • Learn how to have the right mindset and focus

Realignment Phase

Once you’ve finished uncovering your breakthroughs, it is now time to act on these. This phase involves:

  • Reshaping your beliefs and values
  • Redefining your needs and sources of fulfillment
  • Developing new ways to communicate with yourself, your partner, and your family
  • Finding your higher purpose

Choose From 3 Coaching and Training Packages

Executive Package

Retail $1,497 NOW $997

Mary Nawabi

  • Self-discovery
  • Family and relationship breakthrough
  • One-on-one session via Zoom or phone with Mary Nawabi every month with one-hour weekly meetings

Leadership Gold Package

Retail $5,000 NOW $2997

Mary Nawabi

  • Leadership and influence boot camp
  • Training and coaching for a group of five via Zoom or phone with Mary Nawabi monthly with three-hour weekly meetings
  • This is perfect for managers and leaders who are involved in leadership and influence