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    Mary Nawabi has changed my life! She gently guides you towards achieving your goals by helping you discover what holds you back from the inside out. Mary teaches her clients to be balanced, accountable, and emotionally healthy, enabling you to succeed in both work and life. She is a true mentor!

    Rhonda Messenbourg

    Mary Nawabi has that rare ability to help bring out the most essential qualities in a person. She has constantly challenged me to dig deeper into my own resources as a human being and as a business professional. I can say without a doubt that meeting Mary has been a turning point in my life. I am deeply grateful for her insightful guidance, unyielding encouragement and unique support.

    Gem Mutlu

    Mary has been a huge part of my success, she has helped me the last couple of years as I am growing as a real estate agent. Being a newer agent I needed someone to hold me accountable but to also guide me when I got off track. Some how she always knows what I need to hear during our phone conversations. When I get off the phone with her I always feel as if I know exactly where I am supposed to be and do. I appreciate that Mary has also been in Real Estate herself, she has worked in the trenches and can relate to all my issues. Because of her experience she can give me the guidance I need and will direct me to the resources at her disposal. I would highly recommend Mary.

    Michele Mesker